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Your Columbia Vacation

A glimpse of Columbia


Welcome to the land of coffee! Get ready for coffee plantations as far as the eye can see, the Caribbean atmosphere, and coral reefs in the north; the rough Pacific Ocean in the west, the imposing mountain ranges of the Andes, and rainforests on the Amazon. Located at the northern tip of South America, Colombia is home to unspoiled nature, historic colonial sites, and exotic animals such as the jaguar, anteater, and caiman.

The diverse landscapes, coupled with an attitude to life that vibrates with positive energy, make Colombia the trendy travel destination par excellence. Travel to this up-and-coming country, explore the capital, Bogotá, and experience the joy of life of its inhabitants firsthand - expressed in dances, cozy cups of coffee, and smiling faces.

Best time to travel: July to August, December to March

Flight time from Germany: approx. 12 hours