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Your Fiji Vacation

A glimpse of the Fiji Islands


Bula - Welcome to paradise! White sandy beaches, blue lagoons, swaying palm trees, crystal clear water, and fresh coconuts - To the north of New Zealand and east of Australia lie the 333 islands of Fiji, the epitome of beauty. But they are more than a sight for sore eyes. In addition to breathtaking landscapes, it is above all the joie de vivre and friendliness of the locals that draw travelers under the spell of this island archipelago in the South Pacific. Friendship, loyalty, and family are the essential values of the Fijians and reflect throughout their culture.

Fiji offers unlimited vacation options. Secure your luxurious private island for romantic nights, exclusive spas for that extra portion of relaxation, or get adventurous with outdoor activities in the rainforest!

Best time to travel: May to October

Flight time: approx. 29 hours