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Your Guyana Vacation

A glimpse of Guyana


Welcome to the "land of many waters!" In the north of South America, between Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname, is the continent's best-kept secret: Guyana. Just 2,000 foreign visitors discover the wild nature of this unknown destination every year. The tropical rainforest, crisscrossed by numerous rivers, covers 70 percent of the country's surface and is home to tapirs, jaguars, and abundant birdlife; anteaters, sloths, and armadillos find perfect living conditions in the savannah landscape.

The majority of the approximately 750,000 inhabitants of the English-speaking country have settled on the coast. On a round trip through Guyana, first discover the capital, Georgetown, which preserves its colorful past through its British colonial architecture and Dutch canals. Then explore the natural spectacles in store, including the magnificent Kaieteur waterfalls.

Best time to travel: January to April, September to November

Flight time from Germany: approx. 20 hours