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Your Panama Vacation

A glimpse of Panama


Welcome to Panama: modern skylines, sleepy villages, breathtaking mountain landscapes, dense rainforest, and paradisiacal coasts. Panama, the narrow country between two oceans, has a natural diversity that offers travelers countless attractions. Active travelers get their money's worth in this Central American country: snorkeling excursions into the colorful underwater world, humpback whale watching, hiking through the volcanic landscape, or kayaking on raging rivers for adrenaline-packed adventures.

From the rainforest to the urban jungle, Panama City is the prime example of a synthesis of tradition and modernity. Colonial buildings are lined up alongside modern high-rise buildings as business people in suits meet colorfully dressed Kuna Indians. Enjoy a multifaceted vacation on your customized journey through Panama!

Best time to travel: December to March

Flight time from Germany: approx. 12 hours