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Your Sri Lanka Vacation

A glimpse of Sri Lanka


Welcome to Sri Lanka, the radiantly beautiful country! The evergreen plantations of Ceylon tea, fairytale mountain landscapes, and snow-white sandy beaches, tuk-tuks, wild animals, and exciting history, visit Sri Lanka an inspiring experience for nature lovers and culture enthusiasts alike. When visiting important cultural sites such as the Tooth Temple in the venerable Kandy or the Lion Rock of Sigiriya, travelers immerse themselves in the eventful and exciting history of ancient Ceylon.

In the national parks, you can also stand eye to eye with leopards and elephants, learn about the traditional production of Ceylon tea (where it originated), absorb the exotic scents of spices and flowers, and get to know the hospitable inhabitants. They always have a smile on their faces. And of course, this gem in the Indian Ocean, south of India, offers relaxation for body, mind, and soul with gorgeous beaches and the traditional, authentic Ayurveda medicine.

Best time to travel: All year round (south/west: November to March; north/east: March to November)

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 10 hours