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Your Trinidad & Tobago Vacation

A glimpse of Trinidad & Tobago


Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago - home of the hummingbirds! "Iere" is how the Arawak Indians once called the islands Trinidad and Tobago. The double-island state lies only a few kilometers off the coast of Venezuela in the south of the Lesser Antilles and is known for its rainforests, rivers, and mangroves. Numerous activities lure athletes and adventurers out into the diverse nature of the Caribbean islands.

The tranquility of Tobago's beaches is a nice counterpart to the country's pulsating nightlife, carnival, and shopping streets. Calmness and relaxation on the shores of Tobago meet pulsating life with shopping, nightlife, and carnival on Trinidad. The islands unite living Creole traditions, characteristic cuisine, and an abundance of hummingbirds in numerous protected areas and a diverse underwater world.

Best time to travel: November to April

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 19 hours