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Sailing trip - Indonesia

On the "White Wave" discovering dragons and demons


  • Discover the “dragons” on Komodo island

  • Comfortably explore the Indonesian islands

  • Snorkel at “Red Beach”

  • Lombok – the little sister of Bali

  • Includes full board and all excursions


Explore the island world of Indonesia amongst the waves! During this sailing trip, your ship, the Ombak Putih (translates to “White Wave”), will guide you through the breathtakingly beautiful world of Indonesia. Experience one of the world’s most stunning locations accompanied by a caring crew.



Flores - Komodo National Park - Lombok - Bali

Your adventure begins upon arrival at Labuhan Bajo Airport on Flores Island. Depending on your arrival time, you will have the unique opportunity to experience a traditional whip dance. A transfer will take you to the Melo village, where this spectacle awaits you. Two men standing opposite each other protect themselves with a rattan shield and fight with long whips while dancing. An orchestra made of traditional local instruments accompanies the cracking of the lashes. What is the aim of this test of courage? One must hit his opponent on the back. They try to avoid this through skillful defensive maneuvers and lightning-fast movements. And for the winner, the community celebrates and respects him highly.

In the early afternoon, you’ll finally board the Ombak Putih. For centuries, the Indonesian Pinisi sailors have sailed the waters around Bali, Java, Flores, Komodo, and other enchanting islands. Ombak Putih, an olden-day-looking schooner, will bring you closer to the tradition of this culture. Sailing is mainly done at night, so you’ll have the opportunity to discover the islands during the day.

Now it’s time to cast off and set sail! Today you’ll head for your first destination: the tiny island of Kelor. Swim or snorkel in the crystal clear ocean before visiting a Bajau settlement. This ethnic group once lived completely nomadically on boats in the ocean’s vastness. Today, they prefer permanent housing.

Back on board, enjoy your first dinner on the open sea.

6 nights on the Ombak Putih with full board

At Komodo National Park, you can look forward to hissing kites, powder-white beaches, azure blue sea, and colorful coral reefs. It is a jewel and must-see for every nature lover. Great discoveries await you here on and below the water’s surface. You will encounter a primeval-looking Komodo dragon on the hilly steppe landscape for today's island destination, Rinca. The island also offers a diverse fauna with wild buffalo, deer, monkeys, and wild horses.

After a long hike to the highest point on the island, enjoy stunning views over the ocean. Return to the beach and swim, snorkel, or relax under the sun.

Today’s destination, Komodo island, is one of the 80 islands belonging to the national park of the same name. It’s also home to the prehistoric giant Komodo lizards. Together with an experienced ranger, wander the national park, keeping a lookout for the creatures that don’t seem to belong in our time.

Back on board, continue your sailing adventure to the “Red Beach.” It receives its name because of the red coral reefs that also wash to shore. Grab your snorkel, fins, and diving goggles and discover the indescribable reef’s biodiversity.

This morning, you’ll have breakfast in front of the Gil Banta island, and then you’ll have the opportunity to swim again.

Afterward, set off and learn something new about the Bugis and their ship-building art and dwellings from the past and present day. You’ll visit a traditional shipyard and have the opportunity to see the schooners at various stages of manufacture.

Today, you’ll go ashore Satonda, home of the impressive Tambora volcano and crater. Satonda, or rather what’s left of it, is the remnant of an enormous volcanic eruption in 1815. The Tambora eruption went down in history as the largest, even more, significant than Krakatoa in Hawaii. The volcano spewed glowing lava and house-sized rocks, resulting in a cloud of ash that reached the stratosphere. The ashes darkened the sun, even influenced the weather in North America and Europe, and the subsequent period went down in Indonesian history as the “year without a sun.”

In the evening, you can watch a colony of thousands of fruit bats that fly out at dusk to hunt prey.

Lombok, only separated from Bali by a strait, is a world of its own. It enchants with dream beaches, volcanic panoramas, and quieter surroundings than Bali. Inland, you can get to know the Sasak culture, the indigenous people of Lombok. You’re invited to a leisurely lunch, where you will listen to the gripping ancient sagas of the Sasak.

After saying goodbye to the Sasak, board your ship and sail to Kondo, a small island off Lombok where you can snorkel amongst the colorful reef.

The last day of your cruise dawns upon you today. You will have another opportunity to swim in the water before saying goodbye to the Ombak Putih at noon. After one last lunch in Bali, the island of gods and demons, you will disembark and start your journey home or onward.

Duration of the trip: 7 days / 6 nights


  • All meals during the cruise

  • Tea, coffee, drinking water, snacks, and soft drinks

  • A selection of local beers and wines during meals

  • Laundry service

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Entrance fees during the shore excursions

  • Transfers (except in Bali)


  • International flights

  • Transfer to Bali

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services

  • Personal expenses or tips

  • Insurance

  • Visa

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