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Experience - Sri Lanka

Trip to the Aukana Buddha statue


  • This experience can be booked in connection with "The Secrets of Sri Lanka” trip

  • Breathtaking craftsmanship from the past

  • Visit the largest Buddha statue existing today


A true masterpiece of stonemasonry in Sri Lanka: the great Buddha of Aukana! He stands with his back to the mother rock from which he was carved and to which he is still connected today. Numerous details let you look up to the statue with reverence. Don’t forget your camera!



  1. Sri Lanka

On the grounds of the monastery in Aukuna, more precisely in its garden, is the great Buddha. Being 14 meters high and hewn from one piece, this Buddha attracts a lot of attention. Legend has it that this Buddha was the result of a competition between two stonemasons - not far away, there is another, unfinished Buddha statue.

Unlike other large Buddha statues on the island, the hand posture of this Buddha is the posture of blessing, instead of the typical "no fear" posture.

Also the masterly accuracy and the details with which this statue was created is admirable. The facial expression and the design of the wrinkled robe have been finely crafted by hand and can hardly be found on any other statue. The feet, which seem to stand on the retrofitted lotus base, were artfully designed.

Duration of the trip: Half day


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  • Admission fee


  • Meals and personal expenses not mentioned in the scope of services

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