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Adventure in Lofoten


  • Daily hikes through Lofoten’s beautiful landscape

  • Learn about the preservation of the surrounding nature

  • Insights of the locals’ everyday life and culture

  • Snorkeling with puffins and whale watching

  • Capture unique photos you’ll remember for a lifetime


Lofoten is an archipelago and a traditional county in northern Norway, offering hikers countless adventures they’ll never forget. The distinctive scenery is a small snapshot of what northern Norway looks like: long, white sandy beaches, small harbors with colorful houses, tiny fjords, narrow valleys, and green plains with flowering meadows. Together with the experts, explore the most beautiful places while learning exciting background knowledge about this protected archipelago’s untouched nature.



Harstad - Andenes - Nyksund - Moysalen - Svolvaer - Vestvagoy - Nusfjord - Moskenes - Reine

20.06.22 - 29.06.22

Expert pending

Sunday 20.06.21

Welcome to Lofoten! When you land at the Harstad / Narvik Airport in the small village of Evenes, a private guide will drive you to your first hotel.

As soon as the other participants arrive, get to know each other during your first hike to Mount Keipen. This trail is a local favorite because of its stunning views over Harstad and its surrounding areas. Your transfer will take you from Mount Aune pier, northwest of Harstad, to the hike’s starting point. Mount Aune boasts many natural treasures, such as dense forests, small mountain lakes, fields, and bushes. After the 2.5 kilometer hike, enjoy a cup of coffee and lefse (Norwegian flatbread) with cured meat while soaking in the spectacular views.

After the short break, your guide will lead you back down the mountain and bring you back to the pier. Enjoy lunch together before continuing onto the afternoon program.

Experience Sami culture at Harstad Wildlife Center. During your visit, you’ll go on a journey through the Sami culture and its historical past. Inside the local Lavvo, a traditional Sami tent with a large campfire, you’ll try a Sami meal, listen to stories from the past, and learn some Sami words.

Travel time airport - hotel: approx. 45 minutes / 45 km
Hiking time Mount Keipen: 3 hours

1 night with breakfast in Evenes, Lofoten, Norway

Monday 21.06.21

After breakfast, a transfer will pick you up for the longest stage of your expedition in the Andenes region. Let your gaze wander upon the stunning views of the endless landscapes.

After checking into your hotel, freshen up before lunch.

The ocean that surrounds Andenes is prolific and attracts a variety of baleen and toothed whales! The most common summer sightings are sperm whales, which roam around the area year-round. Does this overwhelming sighting remind you of Herman Melville’s story about Moby Dick? The gigantic toothed whale can measure up to 20 meters and 60 tons! Have your camera ready because we guarantee unforgettable shots.

Your next experience is only possible in Norway: between May to mid-August, you can snorkel with puffins! During this time, hundreds of thousands of puffins breed in Bleiksoya, one of the most populated bird cliffs in northern Norway. Puffins are excellent swimmers and divers, and in the shallow waters off Bleiskoya, you can snorkel with them near the sandy floor. A snorkel drysuit will keep you dry and warm in the arctic water that fluctuates around ten degrees celsius.

Måtinden is a nice excursion suitable for everyone. The shortest hike starts in Baugtua and takes about two hours, and all of the routes are well marked. From the top, relish breathtaking views of Høyvika Beach on one side and Bleik Beach on the other.

Travel time Harstad - Andenes: approx. 3 hours / 170 km
Duration hike Matinden: approx. 2 hours

1 night with breakfast in Andenes, Lofoten, Norway

Tuesday 22.06.21

Today’s hike goes through the beautiful Andøys during a four-hour excursion amid nature. Once you approach the summit, stop for a break in the midday sun. Enjoy the jaw-dropping views over the Lofoten islands, Vesteralen and Senja.

After a hearty lunch, set off for a drive to Bo.

Once there, another hike awaits. Stroll along the gradually uphill, well-marked forest paths to Veten. At the top of the mountain, you’ll discover a cabin with a beautiful view of the coast and the Norwegian Sea. Capture the moment with your camera as you look out over the Gaukværøy and Litløy islands.

Travel time Andoya - Bo: approx. 2 hours / 140 km Travel
Travel time Bo - Nyksund: approx. 1.5 hours / 84 km
Duration hike Andoys: 4 hours
Duration hike Veten: approx. 2 hours

1 night with breakfast in Nyskund, Lofoten, Norway

Wednesday 23.06.21

Lace-up your hiking boots and embark on the longest hike of the trip. The Queens Route is a 15-kilometer marked trail and considered one of Norway's ten most spectacular hikes. The route connects the two fishing villages of Stø and Nyksund. Begin the adventure in Stø, walk along the shore towards Nyksund, and then over the mountains back to Stø. The hike's highest point is Finngamheia (448 meters above sea level) and looks out over a varied landscape of mountains, boulders, and swamps.

In the afternoon, you’ll drive back to Sortland to your hotel.

Travel time Bo - Sto: approx. 1.5 hours / 85 km
Travel time Nyksund - Sortland: approx. 1 hour / 52 km
Duration hike Queens Route: approx. 5-8 hours

1 night with breakfast in Andenes, Lofoten, Norway

Thursday 24.06.21

Fill up your backpack because today is a full day of hiking!

Embark on an adventure on one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Vesterålen. Møysalen, the highest mountain in Vesterålen and Lofoten, is also one of Norway's most beautiful nature experiences. From the top of the mountain, you can see all of Sweden on a clear day! This experience does require physically fit hikers because of its altitude of 1262 meters above sea level. The tour lasts approximately ten hours, including a 30-minute boat ride each way. A stunning natural setting awaits you, from green valleys to rocky slopes and snow-capped glaciers. On clear days, the view doesn’t get better than this.

Travel time Sortland - Møysalen: approx. 1 hour / 60 km
Travel time Møysalen - Svolvaer: approx. 1 hour / 80 km
Duration hike: approx. 10 hours

1 night with breakfast in Møysalen, Lofoten, Norway

Friday 25.06.21

North of the Arctic Circle, there’s a hidden place that words cannot describe. In the heart of the Lofoten Islands, discover Svolvær. Trollfjord is at the mouth and is only 100 meters wide, then eventually grows 800 meters wide to open up toward the majestic mountains that are 600 to 1100 meters high. The famous Trollfjord is one of the trip’s highlights. The abundant wildlife has stunned visitors for centuries. Keep your eyes peeled for eagles, seals, and an array of bird species. When you go ashore on the small island of Skrova, use the two hours to explore the fishing village or hike around the island.

After lunch, it’s time to put on your hiking boots and head to the next highlight. The iconic Svolværgeita (aka “The Goat”) towers over the capital of Lofoten, Svolvær. This granite pinnacle offers routes for beginners and advanced climbers. After a bit of fitness, the view from the top is well worth it.

Afterward, you can relax during your transfer to the next hotel. As the evening ends, soak in the surroundings as you unwind in a pleasant atmosphere.

Duration of the Svolvaergeita hike: approx. 4 hours

1 night with breakfast in Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway

Saturday 26.06.21

Begin your day with an easy four-hour hike.

In southern Lofoten is the cozy traditional fishing village of Henningsvær. The destination offers breathtaking views for its thousands of visitors each year. Climb to one of Lofoten’s most stunning peaks, Festvågtind, and relish the unforgettable view. Visitors can reach the lookout point via a moderately strenuous hike.

After lunch, drive to Valberg, where you’ll go on one last hike for the day.

Vestvaagøy is Lofoten’s largest island. The locals survive from its agriculture and fishing practices. From Vendalsjord, stroll along the Tjørndalen trail, where Troll Peak, Blue Peak, and Himmeltindan Peak surround you. The last part of the hike is on a wide road before reaching Strandslett.

Travel time Svolvaer - Henningsvaer: approx. 30 minutes / 25 km
Travel time Henningsvaer - Valberg: approx. 45 minutes / 40 km
Duration hike Festvagrind: approx. 4 hours
Duration hike Tjorndalen: approx. 1.5 hours

1 night with breakfast in Vestvaoy, Lofoten, Norway

Sunday 27.06.21

After breakfast, head to Unstad for a three-hour hike to Eggum. This charming walk connects two tiny villages on the west coast of the island. Stroll along the nine-kilometer coastal path that meanders past lush headlands, remote lighthouses, and fortress ruins by the sea.

Your transfer awaits at your destination and will take you to Haukland after lunch.

The next adventure is an easy hike from Haukland to Uttakleiv, a circular route that offers fantastic views of the Haukland sandy beach. The trail climbs about 200 meters above sea level, reaching a lookout point with a view of the fields and Uttakleiv. The final leg is around the headland, boasting more views of Haukland Beach.

After checking in at the hotel, relax and freshen up before heading out for one more hike through the wild landscape. In some places, the path leads along the coast with stunning views of the Norwegian Sea, the surrounding mountains, huge boulders, and majestic cliffs. Did you spot the colorful flowers and plump blueberry bushes?

Travel time Valberg - Unstad: approx. 45 minutes / 43 km
Travel time Unstad - Haukland: approx. 30 minutes / 22 km
Travel time Haukland - Nusfjord: approx. 35 minutes / 30 km
Duration hike Unstad: approx. 3 hours
Duration hike Haukland: approx. 2 hours
Duration Nusfjord hike: approx. 3 hours

1 night with breakfast in Nusfjord, Lofoten, Norway

Monday 28.06.21

After breakfast, the last active day of the trip begins; the first part leads you to Reine.

Reinehaben is the most popular hike in Lofoten. The short but steep path leads up the mountainside to a ridge high above the village. Because of the trail’s popularity, erosion has damaged the landscape. In 2016, Sherpas started a project where they laid stone steps up the mountainside to sustain the path for safer hikes. We recommend suitable footwear!

Before setting off for Torsfjorden, enjoy a final lunch together and recharge your batteries. Then you will drive to your next destination: Kvalvika Beach. It nestles on the northwest of Lofoten and overlooks the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Since it’s only accessible by foot, you’ll get to enjoy one more hike through the beach landscape. Capture unforgettable photos of the steep mountains and sandy bay one last time.

Reminisce the past days under the arctic summer nights. Since you’re above the Arctic Circle, you can enjoy the midnight sun, which keeps the sky bright during the summer season.

End the day in the village of Å, where you will check into your hotel.

Travel time Nusfjord - Reine: approx. 1 hour / 40 km
Travel time Reine - Torsfjorden: approx. 30 minutes / 26 km
Travel time Torsfjorden - Å: approx. 45 minutes / 35 km
Duration hike Reinhaben: approx. 3.5 hours
Duration hike Kvalvika: about 6 hours

1 night with breakfast in Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway

Tuesday 29.06.21

Depending on the time of your return flight, there’s a morning program offered before your transfer takes you back to the airport. Learn all about the charming village of Å during a short city tour. If you still have more time, you will drive to Ramberg, where you can relax on a beautiful beach.

Drive back to Holdoya Island, where you will either enjoy your last lunch or spend some time on the beach before your airport transfer.

Thon Hotel Harstad***, Harstad, Lofoten, Norway

The cozy hotel nestles in the center of Harstad, close to the harbor. The rooms have wooden floors and offer stunning views of Vågsfjord. The cultural center, shops, and restaurants are just a short walk away. At the hotel’s restaurant Egon, you can enjoy a selection of international dishes.

Thon Hotel Andrikken***, Andenes, Lofoten, Norway

This accommodation lies in the center of the fishing village Andenes. The rooms have a separate seating area, a coffee machine, free WiFi, and cable TV. Additional amenities include a gym and a bar with a lounge area.

Nyksund Ekspedisjonen, Myre, Lofoten, Norway

The cozy guesthouse offers furnished rooms with a terrace, a delicious restaurant, a bar, and free WiFi. For activities, the surrounding areas are perfect for cycling and hiking.

Lofoten SuiteHotel****, Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway

Stay at the lovely Lofoten SuiteHotel on the Svolvær harbor. Boasting with wood and glass architecture, this promises an unforgettable stay. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to relish fantastic views of the port or sea from the comfort of their room.

Leknes Scandic Lofoten***, Leknes, Lofoten, Norway

The hotel is ideally located in the center of Leknes, offering rooms with modern style. Bevares offers à la carte dishes in the evening and a breakfast buffet to start the day.

Nusfjord Arctic Resort***, Nusfjord, Lofoten, Norway

The resort lies in a secluded and tranquil fishing village, surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful landscapes. They offer traditional fishing cottages with wooden floors, a modern design, a living room with a sofa, and a wood-fired hot tub. The surrounding area is ideal for activities such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

Lofoten Rorbuhotell Reine, Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten Rorbuhotell runs a restaurant and accommodation on beautiful Sørvågen. The rooms include sea and mountain views, or you can stay in a cottage with a kitchen and garden furniture. Enjoy regional dishes at the hotel’s restaurant, or sip on a delicious drink at the bar while you talk about your trip’s adventures in the lounge.

Closest airport: Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes

Duration of the trip: 20.06.22 - 29.06.22


  • 9 nights in the mentioned accommodations:

    • 1 night at Thon Hotel Harstad*** with breakfast in a double room, Harstad, Lofoten, Norway

    • 1 night at Thon Hotel Andrikken *** with breakfast in a double room, Andenes, Lofoten, Norway

    • 2 nights at Nyksund Ekspedisjonen with breakfast in a double room, Myre, Lofoten, Norway

    • 2 nights at Lofoten SuiteHotel**** with breakfast in a double room, Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway

    • 1 night at Leknes Scandic Lofoten*** with breakfast in a double room, Leknes, Lofoten, Norway

    • 1 night at Nusfjord Arctic Resort*** with breakfast in a double room, Nusfjord, Lofoten, Norway

    • 1 night at Lofoten Rorbuhotell Reine with breakfast in a double room, Moskenes, Lofoten, Norway

  • Lunch together on days 1-3 & 6-10

  • Whale watching & snorkeling with puffins

  • Guided hikes according to the program


  • International flights

  • Optional excursions

  • Airport taxes

  • Personal expenses

  • Drinks during meals, unless specifically mentioned

  • Voluntary tips

  • Baggage fees at the airport

  • Visa, if required


  • Please note: This tour includes long walks and hikes over mostly uneven ground with steep climbs. It is not recommended for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility.

  • Participants must be in excellent physical condition.

  • Make sure to wear sturdy hiking shoes that you’re used to.

  • Wear clothes in layers and that can withstand rain and wind. Hats and gloves are highly recommended!

  • The tour is operated in rain or shine but canceled by the operator in severe weather or unsuitable conditions such as fog.

  • There’s no toilet available during some hikes.

  • Bring bottled water.

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