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Travel block - Chile

Easter Island Vacation - The Island's Secret


  • Discover Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Half-day excursion to the holy place of Ahu Akivi and the ceremonial village of Tahai

  • Full day trip to Anakena Bay on the north coast

  • Half-day excursion to the Rapa Nui ceremony village Orongo and Rano Kau volcano

  • Full day excursion to the Rapa Nui sites Ahu Vaihu, Ahu Akahanga, Ahu Tongariki, and Ahu Te Pito Kura with a local guide


Chile’s East Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and one of the most distant destinations thanks to its 3800 kilometers from the mainland. Because of this distance, the preservation of the indigenous culture and wild nature have barely changed over the years. Explore the famous stone figures, moai, rugged volcanic landscapes, and secluded beaches that make this place unique.

Combine this travel block with all of our Chile tours so that you can extend your Easter Island vacation at the edge of the world!


South America

Hanga Roa

On Easter Island, there is a subtropical, warm climate with trade winds year-round. The warmest months are January and February and are the best time for a trip to Easter Island.

Your Easter Island Vacation begins today! In the coming days, discover one of the most remote islands in the world: Easter Island.

A local colleague will meet you and drive you to your hotel when you arrive on the island. Use the rest of the day as free time. We recommend a stroll through Hanga Roa village to get to know the area and the hospitable people of the island.

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it is called in the native language, is one of Polynesia’s most mysterious and fascinating places. Rapa Nui translates to “big stone” and gets its name from the stone statues that dot the island. The moais, as the world-famous stone statues on the island are called, keep watch of the island’s coast and are the namesake.

Flight time Santiago - Rapa Nui / Easter Island: approx. 5 hours
Travel time Easter Island airport - Hanga Roa hotel:
approx. 10 minutes/approx. 2 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

After breakfast at the hotel, a local guide will pick you up for a full-day excursion on the island. The first stop is Ahu Vaihu, the site with the most moai statues on the island. Then drive to the Ahu Akahanga region, where legend says the tomb of the famous King Hoti Matua lies next to the moai.

At the extinct volcano Rano Raraku, you will get to know one of the most important places of the Rapa Nui culture. Around 900 of the famous statues have been carved out of volcanic rock in this genuine moai factory. Four hundred of the works of art are still in the volcano's quarries today!

After marveling at the imposing witnesses of the past, continue your journey to Ahu Tongariki and Ahu Te Pito Kura. You will finally arrive at Anakena Beach! Here you can see two recently restored statue platforms. It's also an ideal place to cool off in the Pacific or rest under the shandy palm trees while enjoying a delicious lunch. After returning to the hotel, the rest of the day is free to do as you wish.

Tonight the choice is yours for dinner! Pick a meal according to your wishes and taste the local cuisine with Polynesian and Chilean influences. Hanga Roa has an excellent selection of restaurants and bars where you can try Polynesian fish dishes, Chilean empanadas, and creations made from sweet potatoes, avocados, and guavas.

Overnight stay with breakfast and lunch in Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

Today, you will have breakfast in the hotel before getting ready for the half-day excursion to the Ahu Akivi, one of Easter Island's most beautiful moai sites, with seven restored statues. According to legend, they are the first explorers to reach Rapa Nui on behalf of King Hotu Matua. Visit the rugged south coast of the island and the Puna Pau quarry, where you can marvel at the pukao ornaments carved from red volcanic rock that sit like a crown on the moai heads. After this adventure, the rest of the day is at your disposal.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

A local guide will pick you up at the hotel after breakfast, and you will start today’s excursion at the extinct volcano Rano Kau. From here, you will have a broad view of the entire island’s Pacific coast and Hanga Roa’s volcanoes. The second vantage point enables a better view of the volcano’s crater lakes before continuing to the ceremonial village of Orongo and Ahu Vinapu, whose architecture is reminiscent of the pre-Inca villages. Visit the Ana Kai Tangata cave and discover its various rock paintings.

After returning to the hotel, you can use the rest of the day to enjoy one of the heavenly beaches on Easter Island, for example.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

Your last day on Easter Island is coming to a close. After breakfast at the hotel, a transfer will take you to the Easter Island airport, where you will catch your flight to Santiago de Chile.

But don’t let your Chile adventure end here — ask us about the possibilities to extend your trip so you can get to know even more of the world’s longest country or other South American destinations.

Travel time Hanga Roa hotel - Easter Island airport: approx. 10 minutes / approx. 2 km
Flight time Easter Island - mainland: approx. 5 hours

Hotel Tiare Pacific***, Hanga Roa, Easter Island, Chile

The hotel is near the airport and the Hanga Roa harbor. The small family hotel offers comfortable rooms, a rich breakfast, and a large garden with seating.

Closest city: Hanga Roa

Closest airport: Mataveri Airport

Duration of the trip: 5 days / 4 nights


  • 4 nights in the above-mentioned accommodations or similar:

    • 4 nights at Hotel Tiare Pacific*** with breakfast in a standard room in Hanga Roa, Easter Island
  • Transfer from the airport to your Hanga Roa accommodation and back

  • Full-day excursions to Anakena in a German-speaking group including a lunch box

  • Half-day excursions to the cult site Ahu Akivi and the ceremonial village of Tahai in a German-speaking group

  • Half-day excursions to the ceremonial village of Orongo and Rano Kau volcano in a German-speaking group

  • The starting price is valid during the travel period 01.01.20 - 31.03.22


  • International flights

  • Optional excursions (visits, admissions, etc.)

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services

  • Personal expenses, such as minibar and tips

  • Travel insurance

  • PCR test, if still required

  • Visa, entry, and/or exit fees, if required

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