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Sailing trip - Maldives

Island hopping Maldives - Ride the catamaran to the Ari Atoll


  • Island hopping trip to the most beautiful snorkeling and diving spots of the Ari and South Male Atolls

  • Full board and professional care aboard a premium sailing catamaran

  • Visit dream beaches and hidden bays in the Maldives Biosphere Reserve

  • Specials for couples and honeymooners

  • Free additional services and sports activities onboard


Remote atolls, secluded bays, untouched natural worlds - the Maldives are the dream destination of many. In particular, divers and snorkelers, recreation seekers, and honeymooners feel right at home in this remote archipelago in the Indian Ocean. During our Maldives island hopping, you will get to know the South Male Atoll and the Ari Atolls, which are very popular with divers. With the small and maneuverable catamaran, you will anchor in front of small islands and explore remote bays inaccessible to larger ships. Join us for a relaxing discovery tour and drift away with our island hopping in the Maldives.

Please note that for all departures from 03.01.2022, only the Premium option will be offered.


Indian Ocean

Hulhumale - Eyboodhoo - Bodukashihura - Dhigghiri - Meerufenfushi - Daghetti - Guraidhoo - Hulhumale

Welcome to paradise, also known as the Maldives. After you arrive at the international airport in the capital, Male, an employee of our local partner will already be waiting to take you to the boat jetty. After an approximately 20-minute ride on the dhoni, a traditional means of transportation in the Maldives, you will reach the boat dock in a nearby bay.

At around 14:00, you will embark on a Dream 60 sailing catamaran (or a Lagoon 620 for the premium option). After lunch on board and a short introduction by the ship's crew, you will set sail south towards the sun. Your destination is Eyboodhoo Lagoon in South Male Atoll. The lagoon is shallow and ideal for swimming in shallow water. With a little luck, you will encounter turtles and colorful fish - a first glimpse of the days to come. The catamaran will anchor in the bay, and you will spend the night aboard the ship.

Travel time from the jetty to Eyboodhoo lagoon: approx. 2 hours.

7 nights aboard the Lagoon 620 in a double cabin on full board, Eyboodhoo Lagoon, South Male Atoll, Maldives

After breakfast, you will continue your journey south. The captain and crew of the ship are happy to welcome curious guests who want to know more about running a sailing ship. Let your curiosity run free, and you may be hired as a temporary boat person.

After about an hour's drive, you will reach one of the most famous sand banks, Sexy Beach. This beautiful sandbar with fine powdery white sand is the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling, or kayaking.

During lunch, you will cross the channel to the South Ari Atoll. The trip across the open sea takes about four hours and 30 minutes. It is the most beautiful time for sailing lovers, with the wind blowing in your face, the sea spray breaking on the bow, and the catamaran heading towards the horizon.

In the afternoon, you will finally reach the uninhabited island of Bodukashihura, off the shore of which the catamaran will drop anchor. The offshore reef is home to countless animals and plants and is the perfect spot for snorkeling. You will spend the night on the ship at anchor of Bodukashihura Island.

Sail time from Eyboodhoo Lagoon to Bodukashihura approx. 5 hours 30 minutes.

Early in the morning, you will continue your journey towards Meerufenfushi, the jewel of the Maldives. The small island includes a bay surrounded by a paradisiacal beach and shady palm trees. In this postcard idyll, you will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel or relax on the beach.

During lunch, your captain will take you to Raiga Dhigghiri, an almost uninhabited island. The island is not entirely uninhabited, as it has precisely two inhabitants. The two inhabitants oversee the island to protect flora and fauna. Raiga Dhigghiri is a hotspot for ornithologists, who can observe some rare sea birds here. Your ship’s captain will drop anchor again, and you will spend the night on board next to the island.

Sail time Bodukashihura to Dhigghiri: about 2 hours 30 minutes.

After an approx. 30-minute-long drive, you will reach the Alikoi Rah Sand Bank, which is surrounded by a well-preserved reef. The shallow sloping reef around the sandbank is perfect for snorkeling and swimming. You can see the colorful iridescent underwater world from the deck.

The next destination is the island of Raiy Dhiggaa. The small, densely overgrown island is privately owned and therefore not to be entered. But the bays around the island protect the surrounding waters from too high waves and currents, ideal conditions for water sports of all kinds. The ship will drop anchor, and you will spend the night on board.

Sail time from Dhigghiri to Raiy Dhiggaa approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

The day's first stop is after about 90 minutes in front of a sandbank near the Ranveli Resort. On the vacation island is a PADI licensed diving school, whose equipment can be rented for a fee. For all beginners and advanced divers, there is the possibility to take a diving course.

In the late afternoon, you will sail with your catamaran to the island of Daghetti. The island is inhabited and also open to tourists. You will have the opportunity to buy small items and browse in the local boutiques and supermarkets. The pride of the villagers is a century-old Banyan Tree of imposing proportions. Let the locals tell you the myths and legends about this tree, a history lesson of a special kind awaits you.

Spend the night on board the ship anchored in front of the island.

Sail time from Raiy Dhiggaa to Daghetti: about 3 hours 30 minutes.

During breakfast, you will cross the channel towards Male Atoll. Your first port of call is a small group of sandbars around which manta rays cavort. With some luck, you will find some specimens of these majestic and peace-loving sea giants. With a five-meter wingspan, the manta rays are subspecies of reef manta rays, which live close to the shore. Unlike many of their congeners, these plankton-eaters generally do not have venomous tail spines and are therefore harmless to cautious divers.

After another short drive, you will reach the village of Guraidhoo on the same name island. There you again have the opportunity to buy souvenirs or browse the busy little boutiques.

Sail time from Daghetti to Guraidhoo approx. 5 hours.

The last destination of your trip is near. After breakfast, head to Maadhoo Finolhu Island for swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach. The small bay is made for an extensive snorkeling tour.

In the early afternoon, you will make your way to Hulhumale, where the catamaran will drop anchor around 5 p.m. You will spend the night on board and enjoy one last dinner with the captain and crew.

Sail time from Guraidhoo to Hulhumale Lagoon approx. 4 hours

Disembarkation is quite early, between six and eight in the morning, as is customary for a sailing trip in the Maldives. You will be taken by dhoni back to the airport island, where you will start your journey home. For all those who still can't get enough of the Maldives archipelago, a beach extension on one of the numerous island paradises is highly recommended. As different as the many hotel islands are, they are all located in the middle of paradise. Contact your travel consultant for individual and personal advice.

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Premium Catamaran Lagoon 620:

This catamaran is one of the most modern and fastest sailing vessels in its class, with six equipped cabins that include private bathrooms, air conditioning, and high-quality furniture. Snorkeling equipment and towels are already included in the price.

Closest city: Male

Closest airport: Malé International Airport

Number of rooms: 6


  • 7 nights on the Lagoon 620, including full board in a double cabin with a private shower and toilet
  • Crew service: 3 members (captain, steward/cook, boatswain)
  • 2 sets of bed linens, towels, and beach towels per person/per week
  • Consumables for the yacht (diesel, gasoline, and water)
  • Personal liability insurance for the yacht and passengers
  • Water sports on board: kayak, snorkeling equipment
  • International flights from/to Frankfurt or Zurich

Not included

  • International flights
  • Transfers from/to the airport for a total of 150 EUR per person (obligatory, not included in the total price)
  • Meals and beverages not mentioned in the scope of services
  • Personal expenses, such as minibar and tips
  • Cash Box 220 EUR per person (obligatory and to be paid on the spot, see notes)
  • Room service during the tour, all guests maintain their cabins during the tour
  • Travel insurance
  • PCR test, if still required
  • Visa, entry, and/or exit fees, if required


  • Price plus VAT due in Maldives as of 01.01.23
  • No children under 8 years old allowed
  • Departure: Every Saturday
  • The itinerary may change depending on wind and weather conditions. The decision is up to the captain.
  • The above navigation time may change depending on current wind and weather conditions.

Embarkation / Disembarkation

  • Embarkation: Hulhumale - Sunday around 14:00
  • Disembarkation: Hulhumale - Sunday between 06:00 and 08:00

Cash Box

  • National park fees
  • Tourist fees
  • Island entrance and shore fees
  • Anchorage fees
  • Refueling of water, gasoline, gas, diesel
  • Purchase of fresh products
  • 245 EUR, which can be paid in cash on the spot
  • The cash box is already included in the travel price for all departures in 2023.

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