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About itravel

Remember those moments that shift your life.

"An unforgettable journey is made of unique experiences. That is our passion."

Remember those moments that shift your life. Moments of bliss, life-altering decisions, insight, and discovery. That's what travel is all about. The same passion that drove explorers like Alexander von Humboldt is what spurs us onward at itravel.

Your dreams matter to us. It is our drive to make these dreams come true. As an organizer of customized trips, we create unforgettable experiences in the most unknown corners of the planet for world explorers, adventurers, and those seeking relaxation.


In order to meet our customers' travel needs, we work directly with hotels, agencies, and experience providers in the respective destinations - without intermediaries or bureaucracy.

The entire consulting and booking process takes place in-house: Our employees are always in direct contact with our customers in order to make sure that our offers meet your wishes. We are the first digital tour operator to rely not only on the many years of industry experience and know-how of our team but also carry out comprehensive data analyses and use the latest technologies.


Making wanderlust dreams come true requires a passion for destinations off the beaten path, a willingness to renounce conventions, and a deep understanding of other cultures and customs. It takes the ability to empathize with the customer and their needs, and the drive to craft experiences that can neither be bought nor found in travel guides.

Those are the very qualities that define us.

itravel is a team of:

  • consultants who regularly set off to discover new destinations or familiar countries;
  • product managers who ensure that new, exciting journeys are created for our customers;
  • marketers and editors who creatively get our products out into the world;
  • and IT specialists and administrators who ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times.


No one wants to travel like everybody else. But not everyone has the time, experience, or expertise to tailor their vacation to their individual needs. As a customized tour operator, we can make your wishes come true with insider tips and personal recommendations. Our customers don't just go on vacation: they make memories for life.