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Your British Virgin Islands Vacation

A glimpse of the British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands is a piece of Great Britain in the Caribbean where the turquoise sea shimmers, coral reefs and sunken ships tell stories of times long past, white beaches stretch alongside the shade of lush green palm trees, and a dense rainforest that’s full of life. Welcome to paradise. The group of around 60 islands, mostly of volcanic origin, offers unspoiled nature, charming little villages, and numerous opportunities for diving, fishing, and surfing.

The sun shines in a cloudless sky, and a gentle breeze caresses your skin while you enjoy a fresh cocktail. Stroll along the beach on the tranquil island of Virgin Gorda, enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding islands at its highest point, and visit the world-famous The Baths beach where you can get lost in a maze of granite rocks.

Best time to visit: November to April

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 25 hours