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Your Laos Vacation

A glimpse of Laos


Welcome to Laos - a country of contrasts. Discover untouched rivers flowing with cascading waterfalls, imposing landscapes surrounded by lush green jungle, Buddhist temples glistening in the sun, traditional colonial architecture, and the most friendly locals. It is also known as the land of elephants because it has one of the last natural habitats of the Asian elephants.

Laos is an excellent destination for travelers because it offers endless adventures for its visitors - both scenic and cultural. Enjoy sunset treks on the breathtaking beaches, magical stories about the fairytale landscapes, and authentic cuisine you can only find in this enchanting country. Interact with the lovely locals and learn about why it's also known as the Jewel of Mekong and why it is the most traditional and pristine country in Southeast Asia. Are you already excited to immerse yourself in this distinctive culture?

Best travel time: December to April

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 14 to 15 hours