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Your Oman Vacation

A glimpse of Oman


Welcome to the land of Arabian Nights! Camels laboriously make their way inland through the vast desert before they reach a green oasis amidst golden-yellow rock formations not far away. Along the long coasts, the waves whip against rugged fjords and gently caress the white beaches. Located in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is the prized secret of many seasoned travelers.

Besides the fascinating diversity of nature, the Sultanate of Oman considers itself one of the safest countries in the Arab world. It also inspires visitors with a cultural symbiosis of modernity and centuries-old tradition. The capital is the pulsating Muscat, which transports tourists into a dream of 1001 Arabian Nights with its magnificent palaces, Arabic markets, and the scent of spices and incense. Discover the enchanting fairy tale world of this unknown country on a round trip.

Best time to travel: October to April

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 7 hours