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Your Portugal Vacation

A glimpse of Portugal


Bem-Vindo a Portugal! Green vineyards, rocky mountain landscapes, impressive waterfalls, vast dunes, and rugged cliffs: Portugal will take your breath away. Nestled in southern Europe, this country promises countless hours of sunshine and unbeatable experiences that you will remember forever.

Portugal is a country with many possibilities. Whether you're interested in its distinguished history, golden beaches, mouthwatering food, or endless landscapes, there is something here for all tastes!

The vibrant nightlife in the country's lively cities attracts young travelers to Lisbon, Porto, and Albufeira. For nature lovers, head to the archipelago of the Azores and Madeira to explore its rich flora and fauna on the different hiking trails. And don't forget to try some of the country's freshest fish - it is delicious!

Best travel time: May to September

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 3 hours