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Your Turkmenistan Vacation

A glimpse of Turkmenistan


Welcome to the gates of hell! Bordering the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Iran lies one of the most isolated countries in the world: Turkmenistan. Between the sandy and rocky desert of Karakum lies one of the world's largest arid regions. Embark on a journey to the surreal and beautiful capital Ashgabat and quickly see for yourself that this Central Asia country is more varied and exciting than you can imagine.

Immerse yourself in the endless sea of white marble buildings in Ashgabat and experience the warm hospitality of the local people before you discover archaeological ruins, essential pilgrimage sites, and picturesque nature reserves. Go on an off-road adventure to the absolute highlight of your journey: the "Gates of Hell." Fierily warm and gleaming in blood-red light, the burning Derweze crater stretches out in the middle of the desert landscape. An experience that you will never be able to put into words.

Best time to travel: June to September

Flight duration from Germany: approx. 6 hours