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Rental car tour - Iceland

Round trip through Iceland - A country full of legends


  • Summertime in Iceland

  • Independently discover Iceland in your rental car

  • Adventure to waterfalls, glaciers, and volcanoes

  • Ten days driving around the entire country

  • Exciting glimpses into the land of elves and trolls


Iceland is a land of contrasts. No other place in the world has this unique fusion of bubbling hot water shooting out as a sparkling fountain of a geyser, and sapphire blue, shimmering glaciers occupying the horizon. Discover Iceland's volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, icebergs, and stone deserts that encompass Iceland and its legends.



Reykjavík - Vik - Jökulsarlon - Egilsstadir - Mývatn - Skagfjördur - Stykkishólmur - Borganes

Welcome to the magical country of Iceland! This ever-changing island is a place seeping with stories about elves, trolls, and other hidden beings. Cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, Icelanders developed a rich storytelling tradition, where tales about elves still live amongst their heritage today!

After landing, collect your luggage and rental car for the next few days. It’s time for your exciting journey into a new world to begin! Drive to your first hotel and do as you wish for the rest of the day. Did you know that Reykjavík is the world’s most northern capital and even has an Elf School where you can graduate?

Travel time: approx. 45 minutes / approx. 50 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Reykjavík, Iceland

After breakfast, leave Reykjavík and head for the Golden Circle! As the urban buildings fade, the incredible, unspoiled panoramas begin to surround you. Notice how nature has shaped and influenced landscapes over thousands of years. Your first stop is Rift Valley in Thingvellir, where deep canyons, green, endless views, and breathtakingly clear rivers dominate the scenery. Water comes in many beautiful shapes and forms; however, is anything more impressive than when it expells into the air from a crater on the earth's surface?

Today is when you get to check Iceland geysers off your bucket list! Strokkur, one of the most active geysers in the area, has a distinct appearance between the lava rocks' rifts. Hear the subtle rumble of the water build-up beneath the earth as steaming foam fizzes above the open hole. Suddenly, the geyser hisses as if a hurricane were raging inside the ground until abruptly, a meter-high column of boiling water vapor shoots into the sky. Haukadalur Valley is full of other geological delights, from mud pools to fumaroles, the earth's crust openings where steam and gases are emitted. The island's most famous waterfall, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Hvíta river's impressive canyon aren't far away.

The closer you get to the southernmost city, Vík, the closer you get to two of Iceland's famous volcanoes. Discover Mýrdalsjökull, the ice-covered volcano that hasn't erupted in a while, and the notorious volcano Eyjafjallajökull. In April 2010, Eyjafjallajökull created a vast ash cloud and a historic disruption to air travel across western and northern Europe for six days. What else can you find hidden in the landscapes here? Explore the Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls, close to the black sandy beach, and see the south coast's cliffs.


Travel time: approx. 4 hours / approx. 300 km

Overnight with breakfast in Vik, Iceland

After packing all your stuff into the car, begin your drive to Skaftafell National Park, famous for its hikes. Trek one of the many beautiful trails leading to the Svartifoss Waterfall and its dark lava columns. Relish breathtaking views over white glaciers and endless landscapes.

Haven't had enough of Iceland's extraordinary nature? Head east to Jökulsárlón, a glacial lagoon that borders Vatnajökull National Park in southeastern Iceland. Icebergs dot the still, blue waters from the surrounding Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier, part of the more massive Vatnajökull Glacier. The Glacier Lagoon flows through a short waterway into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving chunks of ice on a black sand beach. The different colors come from the volcanic ash pigments or the various crystals, making this an incredibly magical destination.


Travel time: approx. 3 hours / approx. 280 km

Overnight with breakfast in Hoffell, Iceland

Today’s tour is a magnificent coastal road that leads you from one fjord to the next. Explore landscapes that glaciers from the last Ice Age shaped and formed. Don’t forget to stop for photos! Meet Lónsvík Bay’s playful seals or watch the swans in the Álftafjördur bay. Afterward, drive to the diverse fishing villages between the vast fjords’ massive cliffs. Head to Stödvarfjördur and learn about Petra Museum’s mineral and rock collection. The last stop of the day is the charming port of Djúpivogur! Discover the small village of just under 500 inhabitants, walk along the harbor, and observe the abundant birdlife.

Travel time: approx. 4 hours / approx. 260 km

Overnight with breakfast in Egilsstadir, Iceland

In the early morning, the breathtaking landscape's numerous colors glow under the rising sun. Have a replenishing breakfast, pack your things and drive through diverse scenery. Cross the desert-like views of the isolated northeastern highlands. After a few kilometers, you will reach the vast Dettifoss Waterfall, captivating you with its unbridled energy and known as Europe's most powerful waterfall. Not far from here, you will find the horseshoe-shaped Ásbyrgi Canyon of the Jökulsárglijúfr National Park. Highlights include ancient folklore and breathtaking views of the endless landscape.

You will arrive at Mývatn, home to some of Iceland's most unusual and exciting geological and geothermal manifestations. Discover its pseudocraters, explosion craters, recent lava flows, and cauldrons of boiling mud. After the exhausting last days, you have the option to relax in an outdoor geothermal pool or hike in this surreal apocalyptic setting.


Travel time: approx. 4 hours / approx. 300 km

Overnight with breakfast in Mývatn, Iceland

Your senses have never been more alive! Embark on a sensory journey through Mývatn, Iceland’s fourth-largest lake. Because of its serenity, birdlife, and volcanoes, it’s one of the country’s most impressive natural attractions. Mývatn is an incredibly active geothermal area, giving it unique and beautiful geology.

Head west and stop at the famous Godafoss Waterfall before reaching Akureyri. Known as ‘The Capital of the North,’ the town nestles itself in northern Iceland’s Eyjafjörður and is Iceland’s second-largest urban area. Its surroundings have prosperous agriculture and a beautiful mountain ring. Check out the town’s cozy cafes, excellent restaurants, and colorful nightlife.

Next, you will reach the region of Skagafjördur, a fjord in North Iceland known for its agricultural hub and rich history. The district has some of the best rafting rivers in the country and numerous hikes with perfect photo opportunities. If you have time, visit the Glaumbaer museum, an old renovated turf farmhouse that teaches about 18th and 19th century Iceland’s rural life.

Travel time: approx. 3 hours / approx. 220 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Skagafjordur, Iceland

At the beginning of the day, take a detour to the Vatnsnes peninsula, a natural beauty. Surrounded by the theMiðfjörður waters on the west and Húnafjörður on the east, it’s home to one of the largest seal colonies in Iceland. It’s also a fascinating place for photographers because of its beautiful landscape, nature, and wildlife. On the way, you will pass by many other highlights. Thingeyararkirkja is an impressive church from 1877, which nestles on Iceland’s fifth largest lake, facing a magnificent panorama. Or what about the Koluglijúfur waterfalls? Another hidden treasure of Iceland is Borgarvirki, a fortress not far from Hóp Lake.

Follow in the footsteps of Icelandic legends at Hvítserkur, otherwise known as the Troll of Northwest Iceland, a basalt rock stack protruding from Húnaflói Bay. The rock is a nesting ground for seagulls, shag, and fulmar, making it continuously appear in motion, further enforcing the idea that Hvítserkur is, in some way, very much alive.

Travel time: approx. 3 hours / approx. 250 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Stykkishólmur, Iceland

You've already circled the entire island! Now it's time to discover the wild coast of the peninsula in the west of Iceland. Snæfellsjökull is a glacier-capped volcano found on the tip of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in west Iceland. It serves as the entrance to a fantastical subterranean world in Jules Verne's classic 1864 novel Journey to The Centre of The Earth. Explore the rocky coasts and colonies of seagulls on the cliffs of Arnarstapi and Hellnar. The three-kilometer-long coastal path connects the small idyllic fishing villages and is ideal for spontaneous hikes. Many meadows, peaks, and lava stones emerge out of nowhere, making this hike exciting and diverse.

Our tip for the summer months: Drive your four-wheel vehicle to the edge of the Snæfellsjökull glacier. As the wind blows through your hair, taste the fresh air and feast your eyes on the sandy shores of the Snæfellsjökull peninsula. Now you will genuinely know why Icelanders love their island so much.

Travel time: approx. 3 hours / approx. 230 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Borgarnes, Iceland

Today is already the last day of your Iceland adventure. Didn't it fly by fast? The final leg of your drive is the longest, but many stops are planned along the way! Drive through the Reykholt Tal to the hot springs of Deildartunguhver, Europe's highest flowing hot spring known for its rapid flow rate of 180 liters per second. As the last stop, we recommend the Hvalfjördur, also known as the Whale fjord. Encounter Iceland's green landscapes, cliffs, waterfalls, and coasts, and enjoy the island's serenity amid nature.

You can drive along the Kaldidalur road in your 4x4 car to the Langjökull glacier in the summer. It will lead you back into the Thingvellir National Park.


Travel time: approx. 3 hours / approx. 220 km

Overnight stay with breakfast in Reykjavík, Iceland

And just like that, you’ve made a full circle around Iceland and discovered the beauty of this fairytale land. Did you understand why we were referring to the land of elves and trolls? Did you see colorful houses for the little spirits nestled among nature, along streets, or even in front gardens? These are built when new roads are constructed, and the original dwellings of the elves and trolls have to move. There’s also a unique representative who checks the areas beforehand! The Icelanders believe in the little creatures.

At Keflavík Airport, you will return your rental car and say goodbye to this beautiful country. We hope you will remember the beauties of Iceland forever and share stories about their elves, trolls, waterfalls, and endless landscapes.

Skuggi Hotel***, Reykjavík, Iceland (One night)
Skuggi Hotel has a perfect location in the city center, only 140 meters from the Laugavegur shopping street. Enjoy the hotel's bar and visit one of the many restaurants and bars nearby. There’s free parking in an underground car park, and each modern room comes with a TV and a private bathroom.

Hotel Katla****, Vík, Iceland (One night)
Hotel Katla offers its guests spacious rooms with a breathtaking backdrop of mountains, black lava sand, and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Enjoy relaxing evenings, thanks to free access to the geothermal whirlpool. Seventy-two comfortable rooms feature a unique design and come equipped with free WiFi and cable and satellite TV. In the hotel restaurant, you can savor a delicious breakfast, and in the evening, a drink at the bar.

Glacier World Hoffell***, Hoffell, Iceland (One night)
The brightly decorated hotel offers rooms with free WiFi, a private bathroom, shower, desk, wardrobe, flat-screen TV, and views of the Vatnajökull Glacier. Guests can relax at the hotel lounge or in the hot tub.

Lake Hotel Egilsstadir***, Egilsstadir, Iceland (One night)
Stay in a cozy, renovated farmhouse by Lagarfljót lake in the Eglisstadir village. The bright and modern rooms feature a flat-screen TV, free WiFi, and a private bathroom with a shower. All rooms include a living area, tea/coffee facilities, wooden floors, and stunning landscape views. Try delicious international cuisine at the in-house restaurant. As a guest, you have access to a communal lounge with a computer and newspapers.

Fosshotel Myvatn****, Mývatn, Iceland (One night)
Fosshótel Mývatn welcomes you to their exceptional accommodation and close location to the famous natural pools of Mývatn. The hotel offers free WiFi and private parking. Enjoy breathtaking lake views while sipping on drinks at the bar and savoring meals at the restaurant.

Amenities include a flat-screen TV, complimentary skincare products, a hairdryer, a private bathroom, and in some rooms, a sitting area that invites you to relax after an eventful day.

Guesthouse Hofsstadir, Skagafjördur, Iceland (One night)
In northern Iceland, you will find Guesthouse Hofsstadir, which has an incomparable view of Skagafjördur. The 14 rooms have rustic wooden floors, a private bathroom, coffee & tea-making facilities, and WiFi. In the morning, enjoy an extensive breakfast buffet before heading off for excursions.

Hotel Fransiskus***, Stykkishólmur, Iceland (One night)
Hotel Fransiskus welcomes you to a picturesque location by the Stykkisholmur harbor. Its 21 modern and pleasant rooms make you feel at home. All rooms feature views of the port, the bustling city center, and the mountain scenery. Amenities include free WiFi, a flat-screen TV, coffee & tea-making facilities, and a desk.

Rjukandi Hotel****, Borgarnes, Iceland (One night)

This accommodation nestles on the beautiful Snæfellsnes Peninsula. They offer rooms with a private bathroom, free WiFi, and stunning mountain views. At the hotel’s restaurant, you can enjoy traditional Icelandic dishes made with organic ingredients.

Airport Hotel Aurora Star***, Reykjavík, Iceland (One night)

The hotel is 100 meters away from Keflavík International Airport and offers free parking and WiFi during your stay. In the hotel’s restaurant, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet or a delicious dinner.

Duration of the trip: 10 days / 9 nights


  • Nine nights in the mentioned hotels or similar:
    • One night at Skuggi Hotel*** in a standard room with breakfast, Reykjavík
    • One night at Hotel Katla*** in a standard room with breakfast, Vík
    • One night at Glacier World Hoffell*** in a standard room with breakfast, Hoffell
    • One night at Lake Hotel Egilsstadir** in a standard room with breakfast, Egilsstadir
    • One night at Fosshotel Mývatn**** in a standard room with breakfast, Mývatn
    • One night at Guesthouse Hofsstadir*** in a standard room with breakfast, Skagafjördur
    • One night at Fransiskus Hotel*** in a standard room with breakfast, Stykkishólmur
    • One night at Rjukandi Hotel**** in a standard room with breakfast, Borgarnes
    • One night at Airport Hotel Aurora Star*** in a standard room with breakfast, Reykjavík
  • Taxes
  • Travel documents, maps, a detailed day-by-day travel book with travel tips
  • Nine days with a rental car of category B (Volkswagen Golf or similar, not allowed on mountain roads) incl. unlimited miles, VAT, limitation of liability, comprehensive insurance, second driver included
  • 24-hour telephone contact with the local partner

Rental car

  • Please note that the rental days are calculated according to a strict 24-hour cycle.
  • Additional fees will apply if your departure and arrival require ten days in Iceland.
  • Additional fees apply for renting a navigation system and children's car seats.
  • Super Collision Damage Waiver - fully comprehensive protection with a reduced deductible (available at an additional cost).
  • Partial comprehensive insurance against sand and ash (available at an additional cost)
  • Other rental car categories are available on request and at an additional cost.


  • International flights

  • Meals and drinks not mentioned in the scope of services

  • Optional excursions (visits, admissions, etc.)

  • Tips and personal expenses

  • Travel insurance

  • Rental car deposit (to be paid on site)

  • Visa, entry and/or exit fees if required


  • Please note that this route is not available between October and April. Due to weather conditions, we offer a shortened and modified version. Contact us for further information!

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